Tesla Says All Supercharger Energy Will Be 100% Renewable in 2021

According to a post on Earth Day from Tesla Supercharger Market Lead Justin Lange, all of Tesla’s Supercharger energy will be 100% renewable by the end of 2021, as reported by electrek.

The post also detailed exciting developments since the Supercharger network’s first opening, including that it has delivered 2.4 Twh of energy, enabled 8.3 billion emission-free miles, saved 334 million gallons of gasoline, and offset 6.6 billion pounds of CO2.

Tesla’s move to power its Superchargers with 100% renewable energy is another step towards ensuring a completely environmentally sustainable business model, with emissions reduced as much as possible from production to delivery to charging, and beyond.

While it’s tough to say exactly how Tesla will try to accomplish this feat, the company already powers its Quebec, Canada locations with Hydro Quebec’s hydropower-generated electricity, while the same could be said for those in British Columbia.

Additionally, it has a few Supercharger stations with built-in solar panels, but in order to power stations renewably in areas with fossil fuel-based grids, Tesla will need to install solar panels directly at its sites.

Rivian also announced plans to make its upcoming 600+ charging stations completely powered by renewable energy, though it also stated its network would be powered by renewables “where possible,” with renewable energy certificates used where it isn’t doable.