36 New Tesla Superchargers Installed at Geary St. in San Francisco



Photo: u/Phooto on Reddit

More Tesla Superchargers continue to roll out in California, with the latest in San Francisco.

Tesla has installed 36 new Supercharger stalls in San Francisco, located on Geary Street and offering up to 250 kW, according to photos shared by u/Phooto. The pictures, as posted to the Tesla Motors subreddit, depict just a few of the new Superchargers in the San Francisco location.

According to the TMC forums, these Superchargers were seen as going online last Thursday.

Earlier this month, the Ripon Planning Commission approved 12 new Superchargers to be installed in the California city. In addition, Tesla reached 25,000 Superchargers worldwide earlier this month, up from just 24,515 at the end of the first quarter – which marks the addition of 485 Supercharger stalls around the world since the beginning of April.

In April, Tesla’s U.S. arm was seen hauling pre-fabricated Superchargers to a Beaver, Utah location, not unlike the company’s dedicated Shenzen Supercharger factory, which expects to produce up to 10,000 Supercharger stalls per year.

Tesla also announced that 100% of its Supercharger energy will be renewable this year, signifying a major overall move towards clean energy, and supporting Tesla’s goal of reducing environmental impact, even down to the way it powers its charging stations.

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