12 New Tesla Superchargers Coming to Ripon, California



12 new Tesla Supercharger stalls were approved by the Ripon Planning Commission on Monday, along with a new gas station and convenience store, according to the Manteca/Ripon Bulletin (via MarcoRPTesla).

The Superchargers will come along with the new 24-hour gas station, which is set for construction at 710 Jack Tone Road with a proposed Tommy’s Express Car Wash directly adjacent.

Other businesses like Baja Fresh, Starbucks, and Burger King have also expressed interest in opening stores in the location, which mirrors Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s earlier statements that Supercharger locations would include restaurants, stores, coffee shops, and, at one Santa Monica location, a 50s-style diner.

While the 24-hour component of the new Ripon gas station and convenience store with EV chargers would have been a benefit for Tesla owners, who would be able to access the chargers at any hour of the day, there was some pushback amongst Ripon’s Harvest Park neighborhood, ultimately leading to an operational hour change to open at 9 am and to close at midnight.

Some say the 24-hour convenience store could have brought in added noise, traffic problems, crime, and safety concerns.

Regarding community concerns about the new gas station and Supercharger station, Commissioner James West said, “The 24-hour convenience store is a huge red flag.” West continued, “It will change the lifestyle of the people who live in the (nearby) area.”


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