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How to Setup Your Tesla Wall Connector via the Mobile App

For both Tesla and non-Tesla electric vehicle owners, the Tesla app offers features to manage, schedule, and view data on the Wall Connector. This home charger allows customers to charge their Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y at Level 2 speeds. You will need an electrician or someone qualified to install […]

Tesla Launches Universal Wall Connector to Charge All EVs [VIDEOS]

In October 2023, Tesla is set to begin shipping its Universal Wall Connector, a cutting-edge charging solution tailored not only for Tesla vehicles but also for other electric car brands in North America. This is one unit that can charge your Tesla and your other non-Tesla EV, saving owners from installing two different chargers. Priced […]

Tesla Increases Price of Wall Connector

Tesla has announced a price increase for its Wall Connector, a popular charging solution for homes, apartments, hospitality properties, and workplaces. The price in the U.S. has risen by 12%, from $425 to $475, while in Canada, the price has been adjusted to $650, up from $575 CAD ($75 increase). The Wall Connector offers up […]

Tesla Increases Price of its Wall Connector by 21%

Tesla has increased the price of its wall connector to $425 USD ($575 in Canada) on its online store, although the hardware was still being displayed at the original price of $350 USD on Best Buy’s website for several hours after the change (via Reddit). Since then, Best Buy has also increased the price to […]

Best Buy Now Selling Tesla Wall Connectors Including J1772 Versions

Tesla Wall Connectors can now be purchased online from Best Buy, instead of just from Tesla’s online shop. The Tesla Wall Connector (3rd gen) and J1772 Wall Connector are both listed online on Best Buy’s website (via @BLKMDL3), priced at $400 and $550 USD respectively, which is the same as Tesla’s pricing on its online […]

Tesla Launches J1772 Wall Connector in Black with Tweaked Design

Last November, Tesla launched a J1772 Wall Connector for $415 USD, but it was quickly removed from its online store. The J1772 connector allowed this Wall Connector to charge Tesla and supported non-Tesla vehicles at destination chargers. On Monday afternoon, Tesla has re-launched the J1772 Wall Connector but this time in black, and with a […]

Tesla Now Lets Destination Charger Partners Set Pricing

Tesla has made paid services available for its destination charging sites, on one condition which must be provided by the businesses or sites. Paid charging for Tesla’s destination chargers is now operational for businesses and property owners that provide at least six wall connectors, according to electrek. In the past, Tesla’s destination chargers were primarily […]

Tesla Now Lets Customers Add a Wall Connector to Orders in Germany

Tesla started rolling out a new feature for its online vehicle configurator in April that allowed customers to add a home charging solution to their order at checkout. The feature is now available in Germany and other parts of Europe (via @giovadamiano). German Tesla customers can now add a Wall Connector to their electric vehicle […]

Tesla App Now Lets You Pair with Your Wall Connector [PICS]

After a new Tesla app update hinted at the ability to connect your phone to Wall Connectors, the feature has officially arrived for some users. Tesla has enabled the ability to pair smartphones with Wall Connectors via the mobile app for some users in the United Kingdom, as detailed this week by Tesla Updates. In […]

Tesla Launches $200 Mobile Connector, Drops Wall Connector to $400

Tesla has launched its new cheaper $200 Mobile Connector, after recently announcing new vehicle purchases would not include a Gen 2 Mobile Connector, that offers charging via a regular household outlet, a decision that has resulted in mixed opinions by the company’s customers. “Stay charged on extended trips or when you need it most with […]

Tesla’s Wall Connector Has Just Dropped in Price, Now at $495

Tesla’s Wall Connector price continues to fluctuate, but the latest price change see its going down, now at $495 USD in the United States. Previously, the Wall Connector saw a price jump from $500 to $550 back in November 2021, but today it has dropped $55 to $495, points out @SawyerMerritt. “Wall Connector is the […]

Tesla Wall Connector Price Increases to $550 in the U.S.

Tesla has restocked its 18’ and 24’ Wall Connector in the online shop, but also increased the price by 10% in the U.S. to $550 USD, a $50 USD price hike compared to before. In Canada, the Wall Connector increased to $700 CAD, up from $635 CAD, a $65 CAD increase. “Wall Connector is the […]

Tesla Brings Back Wall Connector with 24-Foot Cable Option [Update]

Tesla has brought back an original cable length for its Wall Connector charging solution, now available in 24 feet again (via @SawyerMerritt). According to Tesla, its Wall Connector can be installed at homes, apartments, hospitality properties and at places of work. The connector offers up to 44 miles of range per hour of charging, and […]

Tesla Launches Wall Connector (Gen 3) Sales in the EU

Tesla has launched online sales of its latest third-generation Wall Connector for most nations the European Union. The Wall Connector shows a price of 530 euros (USD 637) and is available for those in the Netherlands and more. However, it’s not available in France as local laws require a detachable cable on the charger side. […]

Tesla Wall Connector Now Lets You Control What Vehicles Can Charge

Firmware version 1.4.4 for Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connectors, which was recently rolled out to units over-the-air, now brings users the ability to restrict access to their home charging solutions. In other words, you can now control which vehicles can use your home charger. My Gen 3 Tesla wall connector got a software update. I […]