Best Buy Now Selling Tesla Wall Connectors Including J1772 Versions

tesla wall connector best buy

Tesla Wall Connectors can now be purchased online from Best Buy, instead of just from Tesla’s online shop.

The Tesla Wall Connector (3rd gen) and J1772 Wall Connector are both listed online on Best Buy’s website (via @BLKMDL3), priced at $400 and $550 USD respectively, which is the same as Tesla’s pricing on its online shop. The chargers are part of Best Buy category for Electric Car Chargers.

The expansion of Tesla charging accessories to Best Buy comes after the electric automaker announced earlier this month it is opening up its EV connector design to charging networks and automakers.

“In pursuit of our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, today we are opening our EV connector design to the world,” said Tesla at the time. Tesla invited charging network operators and automakers to put the Tesla charging connector and charge port on their equipment and vehicles, which is now known as the “North American Charging Standard (NACS).”

These Tesla Wall Connectors available from Best Buy can be shipped to your home, or ordered online and then picked up in-store. It’s unclear if other Tesla charging accessories will debut at Best Buy, such as the Tesla Mobile Connector–that no longer comes with new vehicle purchases.