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Quick Tour: 2021 Tesla Model X Performance [VIDEO]

In a video shared Tuesday by Oscar Lax, the host shares his 2021 Tesla Model X Performance as well as some of its new features as compared to prior editions of the vehicle. The video takes viewers through a quick tour of the new Model X, showing off both exterior and interior updates. The host […]

You Can Buy a Tesla in Israel Starting in 2021: Report

Electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla has been growing significantly all over the world, and according to news of a brand new market, it has no plans to stop or slow down. Tesla is in preparation to start marketing cars in Israel, beginning in mid-2021, as reported by Globes. The company’s hope was to enter the […]

Tesla Raises Price on European Model S, Model 3, Model X

Just a short month ago, Tesla fans were raving about across-the-board price drops for Tesla’s cars. Now, we’re seeing quite the opposite, though the spiked price may come with some new features to look forward to. On Wednesday, it was reported that Tesla had raised prices substantially on its Model X and Model S units […]

Tesla Recalling 30,000 Imported Model S and Model X in China [Update]

It’s apparently recall season for Tesla and other electric vehicle (EV) brands, with a new recall having been issued on Friday. Almost 30,000 Tesla Model S and X units, which were imported to China between 2013 and 2018, are now being recalled by China’s State Administration for Market Regulation, according to Bloomberg. The recall indicates […]

Tesla to Debut Model S/X Radio Upgrade to Bring Back FM Radio

Tesla’s Infotainment Upgrade is for Model S and Model X owners with vehicles built March 2018 or earlier and costs $2,500 USD. This MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade brings an updated computer for Model S and Model X owners, to allow for streaming videos, an expanded Tesla Arcade and more. The biggest upgrade is the ability […]

Tesla Model X Gets Range Increase to 371 Miles

After quietly launching a refreshed Model 3 with new features and increased range, plus adding to the range of the Model Y, Tesla has also increased the range of its Model X, making recent rumours come to life. Tesla’s Model X is now listing the Long Range Plus with a range of 371 miles (was […]

Tesla’s Model X/Y Hitch Rack is Back in Stock Online for $600

If you’re looking to buy a Hitch Rack for your Tesla Model Y or X, it’s now back in stock online from Tesla’s online store. “Designed exclusively for Tesla, the Model X/Y Hitch Rack is a premium tilt-down hitch rack that comes fully assembled out of the box. Installation is a breeze with the AutoPin […]

How Does a Tesla Run on the Hottest Day in History? [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that electric vehicles (EV) can struggle when it’s hot out as batteries need to keep cool while also maintaining a comfortable cabin for passengers. Most wouldn’t want to put that to the test, but one YouTube channel does exactly that. On Tuesday, automotive YouTube Channel What’s Inside shared a new video to […]

Tesla Model X Performance Raven Reviewed by Autogefühl’s Thomas Majchrzak [VIDEO]

Car journalist Thomas Majchrzak from Germany’s Autogefühl has released his in-depth review of the Tesla Model X Performance Raven—and he’s really impressed with the latest update. Majchrzak spends 44 minutes reviewing the Model X, showing off the “awesome" acceleration of the Model X Performance along Germany’s famed Autobahn, reaching speeds of 125 mph (202...

Tesla Reportedly Plans New Model S and Model X Codenamed ‘Palladium’

After keeping their secret Roadrunner project under wraps, information about a new Tesla project (codenamed “Palladium”) has been revealed. It is currently being developed at Gigafactory Nevada and the Fremont Factory. The project is to include improved Model S and Model X Plaid vehicles, with new battery and drive components. Tesla already began working on […]