Tesla Reimbursing Model S/X Owners for 8GB eMMC Repair Costs



Tesla reimbursement emmc

Tesla has started emailing Model S and Model X owners about reimbursing 8GB eMMC repair costs, according to @Model3Owners.

The email reads, “our records indicate you own, or previously owned, a Model S or a Model X built before March 2018. Your vehicle is subject to conditions covered under the 8GB embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) recall that addresses the malfunction of the eMMC memory chip due to accumulated wear.”

“If you previously paid out of pocket for the specific part and condition covered by the recall, and the repair was within the 8GB eMMC Recall period, you may be eligible for reimbursement,” explains the email.

Tesla says you can contact them to submit your reimbursement form, available under your Tesla Account online—just select ‘eMMC Reimbursement’ under ‘Tesla Service & Repair’.

Back in February, Tesla recalled 135,000 Model S and Model X vehicles over touchscreen failures, related to the eMMC. These emails being sent out means owners who paid for the repair out of pocket will now get their money back.

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