Tesla to Fix Model S/X ‘Acceleration Shudder’, Says Service Bulletin




On Tuesday, @greentheonly discovered and shared a Tesla service bulletin for the so-called ‘acceleration shudder’ on Tesla’s Model X and S units. Tesla titled the bulletin “Replace Front Drive Unit Halfshafts,” adding that all 2014-2020 S and X units could be affected by the issue.

While Green and a number of users commented on the thread saying the fix was likely a “temporary fix,” it’s unclear as of yet if the problem will be completely solved from service or if it will simply be a band-aid solution.

In response to another user sharing their experience with the acceleration shudder issue going away after service, then coming back “less pronounced,” Green mentions that “software mitigation” could be a part of the reason why that happened.

In a series of follow-up tweets, Green wrote, “There’s also software mitigation in the code which might contribute to shudder being less pronounced.” Green continued in a later tweet, saying, “when shudder is detected mitigations kick in. you can find some threads on TMC of people discussing it.

Earlier this year, a number of U.S. Model S/X units were recalled over bricked screens. Tesla has faced a number of recalls and service requests before, including reimbursing some Model S and X users for certain repair costs.


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