How to Change Gears in Tesla’s Model S/X Refresh with the Touchscreen [VIDEO]



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Earlier this week video leaked of a Tesla Model S refresh, showing ‘Smart Shift’, which is the vehicle predicting which drive mode you should be in based on data from Autopilot cameras.

Now we have a video of how to manually change drive modes in the upcoming Model S and Model X refresh, according to a video shared by Michael Hsu (@hsumacher) from the Tesla Owners Taiwan club.

The video shows a finger sliding up and down on the new Model S refresh touchscreen, simulating moving a drive stalk. The manual override appears to be an option if Smart Shift doesn’t predict the proper gear. Another way to change gears is to use the scroll wheels in the new Model S and Model X as well.

According to Hsu, he confirmed to Tesla North the video he shared was sent to him by a source, but was unable to provide any more details about its origins.

Once we start seeing new Model S refresh deliveries soon, we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Tesla’s new interface for its latest flagship sedan update.

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