Tesla Model S Plaid is ‘Our Best Car Ever’, Will Seat 7 People Says Elon Musk



Tesla CEO Elon Musk hyped up the Model S Plaid on Monday evening, saying “The new Plaid S is our best car ever. Will be first production car to achieve 0-60mph in under 2 secs & it has four doors & seats up to 7 people.”

Musk reiterated the Model S Plaid will also seat up to seven people. Currently, there is no option for a 7-seat Model S refresh, Long Range or Plaid on Tesla’s website.

Back in September 2019, when Musk was asked about the 7-seat layout of a Tesla Model S prototype at the time and if it would be a new layout, the Tesla CEO said, “No, original 5 forward facing seats plus 2 rear-facing smaller seats. The new rear seats will accommodate larger passengers than before.”

It’s unclear if Tesla has changed up the layout for the 7-seat Model S refresh, since Musk’s comments were made 1.5 years ago.

More and more sightings of Tesla’s Model S refresh vehicles have been seen at the company’s Fremont factory, and out in the wild. Earlier today, we saw what appeared to be Tesla software version 11 inside a Model S refresh, plus a video of the latter accelerating out of a Supercharger parking lot. Deliveries of the new Model S refresh appear to be coming soon.

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