Tesla Fremont Flyover Shows Model S Refresh Vehicles Ready for Delivery [VIDEO]



The newly-refreshed 2021 Tesla Model S has begun popping up across the web, and new drone footage from the company’s Fremont, California factory shows the new model getting ready to ship out.

In a video shared Monday by YouTube channel Gabeincal, drone footage shot at Tesla’s Fremont factory shows shots of the company’s 2021 Model S, set to be delivered from the factory. While the footage also shows a number of Model Ys and Model 3s, a few short moments capture the highly-anticipated Model S.

The video also features shots above one of the California factory’s Gigapress casting machines, the other of which is currently out due to a hydraulic fluid fire that took place earlier this month.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also opened an investigation into Tesla over the new Model S yoke-style steering wheel earlier this year, citing concerns over the wheel’s safety and legality.

More Model S deliveries were spotted leaving the Fremont factory last week, with another huge fleet of the newly-refreshed vehicles having been seen earlier this month at the Fremont factory.

Tesla’s California factory paused production for a few weeks last month, before getting back up and running near the end of February.

You can watch Gabeincal’s full drone video of the Fremont Tesla factory below.


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