Tesla Model S Refresh with Yoke Steering Wheel Spotted in Santa Cruz, California [PICS]



Model s yoke steering wheel

Tesla’s Model S refresh with yoke steering wheel has been spotted in Santa Cruz, California, as shared on Reddit.

The blue Tesla Model S refresh with white interior was seen parked on the street and inside was the elusive and highly anticipated yoke steering wheel in all its glory.

While previous Model S refresh vehicles have been spotted in the wild, this one did not look like a ‘test mule’.

Tesla model S yoke steering wheel

According to u/NoiceTwasACat99 on Reddit, the Model S refresh had manufacturer plates on it.

“Ya the whole car looked very slick and well put together. I’d agree with the other comment that I think all the wood trim matches and just the shadows make it look different. Really hard to take a good picture with the light at that angle,” said the user.

Model s yoke steering wheel side

Check out this gorgeous picture of the Model S refresh from the front:

Model s refresh front

Recently, a transport truck was spotted full of Model S refresh vehicles outside Tesla’s Fremont factory, indicating deliveries will be happening very soon. Stay tuned, as this Model S refresh continues to look gorgeous out in the wild.

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