A Bunch of Tesla Model S Refresh Vehicles Spotted Outside Fremont Factory

Tesla model s refresh

Image via @CodingMark

A batch of Tesla Model S refresh vehicles were spotted yesterday afternoon in Fremont, California, in a transports truck leaving the Tesla factory.

According to @CodingMark, the Tesla owner shared four images of the transport truck, showing five Tesla Model S refresh vehicles onboard.

These appear to be the Model S Long Range and not Plaid versions, as no red brake calipers or carbon fiber spoilers can be seen. While one of the front vehicles has Arachnid wheels, that is an option available for the Long Range Model S.

Tesla model s refresh no yoke

Image via @CodingMark

As seen in the image above, no yoke steering wheels were seen either, based on the images shared by @CodingMark. We have seen one with a yoke steering wheel earlier this month, however.

Tesla recently delayed the Model S Plaid+ to “mid 2022”, while earlier this month, another fleet of Model S vehicles were spotted leaving Tesla’s Fremont factory, again hinting at an imminent launch soon.