Tesla Fremont Factory Production Back Up and Running Says Elon Musk [Update]

Elon musk email fremont

Earlier today, Bloomberg reported Tesla’s Fremont factory was shutting down some of its Model 3 production lines, corroborating an earlier report from Sawyer Merritt.

Now, Tesla CEO has clarified the matter in an email to employees, obtained by @SawyerMerritt:

According to the alleged email, Musk says “we are experiencing some parts supply issues,” which resulted in Fremont production being down for a few days, for equipment upgrades and maintenance.

But Musk says Fremont production “is back up and running as of yesterday,” and will quickly ramp up for Model 3 and Model Y production “over the next several days.”

Musk also says Model S and Model X production lines are “almost done retooling,” with “max production” set for the next quarter.

“There is high demand, so we will soon need to go back to two shifts for S/X. Please recommend friends to recruiting!”, concluded Musk.

Just earlier this hour, Musk confirmed the shut down. “Fremont shut down for two days (parts shortages) and restarted yesterday,” said the CEO.