Tesla Giga Press Catches Fire at Fremont Factory, Caused by Hydraulic Fluid

Fremont fire tesla factory

A fire broke out at Tesla’s Fremont factory, as one of the company’s giant stamping machines, or Giga Press, caught on fire on Thursday afternoon.

The fire required the Tesla Fire Response Team to seek help from Fremont firefighters, who responded to the fire at 4:27pm.

The fire was outside and was contained to the Giga Press, in which Fremont firefighters called a “deep-seated fire”.

“Fremont firefighters coordinated the firefighting effort with the Tesla Fire Response Team. The fire is under control,” said the Fremont firefighters on Instagram. As the fire remained under control, two Fremont Fire engines and another truck stayed at the scene to help monitor the fire.

The fire department says the case of the blaze was “molten aluminum and hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic fluid was identified as the source of the fire. ”

So far, no injuries have been reported from the incident. By 7pm, all Fremont fire crews were released from the scene and the Tesla Fire Response Team continued to monitor the scene.

With one Giga Press out of commission due to fire, it will take Tesla some time to clean up the scene and start production again. It’s unclear how this will affect current assembly and production but one would think there might be a delay of some sort.