Tesla Model X Refresh Orders Showing ‘April’ Delivery Estimate, Seems Doubtful



Model x refresh delivery estimate

Numerous people who placed an order for a Tesla Model X refresh are seeing an updated ‘estimated delivery’ of April, when they log into their online accounts.

But despite the April date for estimated delivery, many on Reddit are saying this date cannot be seen as next month, considering the Model S refresh hasn’t even been delivered yet.

Some placed their Model X refresh orders back in February, but still have not received an estimated delivery date yet. Tesla originally said there would be March deliveries for the Model S refresh, with the Model X one month behind.

With the Model S refresh not being delivered yet, but it appears to be very close, Model X refresh deliveries could be taking place sometime in the summer or possibly later.

Tesla.com is showing the estimated delivery date for the Model X Long Range and Plaid as May-June. The Model X refresh starts at $89,990 USD.

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