model y performance white interior

Fremont Tesla Model Y Gets New Door Panels, Matrix Headlights on Long Range

Model Y units manufactured at Tesla’s Fremont Factory in the U.S. now come with an updated interior trim (via Reddit). The new interior on Fremont-made Model Ys replaces white faux leather with alcantara, a suede-like material, adds carpeting to the door bins, and features new wood panels along the front driver and passenger doors, matching […]

Here’s the Tech Behind Tesla’s Matrix LED Headlights [VIDEO]

Newer (2021+) Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Performance vehicles feature adaptive headlights with an outer projector lamp that supports a matrix LED. The new headlamps not only allow for a more powerful headlight with better low-light visibility but the matrix LEDs inside can even be programmed to project light in certain shapes or even […]

Tesla Model Y with New Headlights Delivering in Canada

Image via Paul E. from Tesla Model Y Canadian Group on Facebook Earlier this month, Tesla started delivering its Model Y compact SUV with new headlights in California, but now we’re also seeing the new design make its way up north to Canada. Many have asked when this would reach Canada and now we’re starting […]

Tesla Model Y Now Delivering with New Headlights in California

Tesla has started delivering its Model Y compact SUV with new headlights, the same ones seen on the recent Model 3 refresh. This updated headlight design has a more powerful beam, while the pattern itself is more square. According to u/kaess on Reddit, the user shared images of their Model Y Performance in the United […]

2021 Tesla Model 3 Headlights Test Impresses [VIDEO]

In a recently published YouTube video, electric vehicle enthusiast Bjørn Nyland tests and reviews the new headlights on the 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance. The new headlights are available on new Model 3 variants, with most built after November seeing the new versions. Compared to its predecessor, the 2021 Model 3 Performance also has a slightly larger, […]

Tesla Model 3 Refresh With New Headlights Deliver in California

Reddit user JigglymoobsMWO, who recently picked up their new Tesla Model 3 in California, posted a picture of the unit to Reddit, showcasing the upgraded headlights from the 2021 refresh for the Tesla Model 3. After sightings of the Model 3 with upgraded headlights in China last month and the UK, it would seem that […]