Tesla Model 3 Refresh With New Headlights Deliver in California



Image: u/JigglymoobsMWO on Reddit

Reddit user JigglymoobsMWO, who recently picked up their new Tesla Model 3 in California, posted a picture of the unit to Reddit, showcasing the upgraded headlights from the 2021 refresh for the Tesla Model 3.

After sightings of the Model 3 with upgraded headlights in China last month and the UK, it would seem that Tesla has finally gotten around to sending units with the new headlights out for delivery back home.

“They illuminate a wide swath of the road very evenly out to a great distance. There is a sharp cutoff line at the legal height and no major hotspots near the car to distract you or interfere with your night vision,” said the same Redditor after taking their Model 3 out for a long, late night spin.

JigglymoobsMWO had ordered their Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD back in October, carrying an 869XX Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Whether or not a manufactured Model 3 unit has the updated headlights depends on its build date and not its assigned VIN, which is not an accurate representation of the vehicle’s build date.

However, two other Model 3 owners on the thread with 869XX and 870XX VINs were able to confirm that their units had the new headlights as well.

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