Tesla Model 3 in China to Get Power Trunk, New Headlights, Tail Lights and More: Rumour

Rumors out of China claim the Tesla Model 3 manufactured in the country is set to apparently gain new improvements and upgrades.

According to @Tesla__Mania, a Weibo post claims the following upgrades to the made in China Model 3:

New steering wheel
Center console 2.0 (whatever this means)
New headlights and tail lights
Power lift trunk
Chrome delete
Double layer glass for better noise isolation

Tesla already has plans to debut chrome delete for the Model 3 in China, borrowing from the Model Y, which also has a power lift trunk. The Model Y also recently gained redesigned tail lights and already has an octovalve with heat pump.

The Model 3 in the United States and Canada recently saw a revised smaller frunk, leading to speculation a heat pump could be coming in future models.

It appears Tesla is making manufacturing of Model 3 and Model Y easier on itself by using even more of the same parts, moving forward. It’s like a trickle-down effect of features from one model to the next.

Recently, reports claimed Tesla would be exporting Model 3s made in China to Asia and Europe.

No word if these rumours are true or not, but stay tuned as we’ll find out soon enough.