Tesla Model 3 with Upgraded Headlights Appears in China

Tesla Model 3 with upgraded headlight features. Photo: @894188772 on Twitter, courtesy of 常岩CY

With so many random Tesla vehicles spotted around the world, and so many moving and changing parts to Tesla’s operations, it can be tough to keep track of what new vehicles are going where, and why.

In a photo posted on Twitter Tuesday morning, a Tesla Model 3 is pictured with added headlight features, including fog lights, and upgrades to the regular headlight. The photo was originally from 常岩CY on Weibo and was tweeted by Twitter user @894188772, along with a short document explaining some of the upgrades.

According to the document, the upgraded Tesla headlights apparently offer a brighter, more focused light beam, which can illuminate further than the previous headlights. In addition, there are now fog lights included.

While commenters on Twitter speculated as to what the exact origin of the vehicle was, most seemed to guess that it was a Standard Range Plus Model 3, some even positing that this would be the Model 3 which was being imported to Europe from China.

Whatever the origin of the mystery Model 3 is, it’s definitely a head-turner with those upgraded headlights and foglights. And soon it will most likely be turning some heads in Europe.