Tesla Model 3 with Double Pane Windows, But No Chrome Delete Spotted in Belgium

Image: @894188772 on Twitter

In early October, Tesla announced the Model 3 refresh with many Model Y-like features, including an exterior chrome delete, a power trunk gate, a center console with a new structure and matte finish, and double-pane glass windows.

Twitter user @894188772 (Xinzhang Li) has spotted a Tesla Model 3 in Belgium that does have the double-pane glass windows, but seems to be missing a chrome delete on its exterior. 

The Model 3, very recently shipped to Zaventem, Belgium, has the double-pane glass windows that Tesla announced for the refresh, but is missing all of the other features.

Another Twitter user speculated that what looks like the empty space between two glass panes in the window could simply be the white protective film Model 3 units ship with.

However, user @894188772 went on to explain that apart from the lack of chrome delete on the exterior, the car’s center console also does not have the matte finish or new structure promised on the Model 3 refresh.

Since this unit is clearly not a refresh, could Tesla have simply started fitting the most recently-produced non-refresh Model 3 units with double-paned glass windows?