Tesla Model Y Now Delivering with New Headlights in California

Model y new headlights 2

Tesla has started delivering its Model Y compact SUV with new headlights, the same ones seen on the recent Model 3 refresh. This updated headlight design has a more powerful beam, while the pattern itself is more square.

Model y new headlights

According to u/kaess on Reddit, the user shared images of their Model Y Performance in the United States, with build date February 5, 2021 and VIN 124,XXX.

Model y new headlights 3

While we have new headlights for the Model Y, the center console remains the same.

“No new console in my build. Since I haven’t accepted delivery yet (appointment scheduled for this coming Wednesday), I was unable to get inside to check any indication of the HEPA bio weapon defense mode in the software,” said u/kaess.

The new Model Y owner says they ordered the factory tow hitch, but there is no new tow hitch plate, as no latch mechanism is on the bottom.

Model y performance tow hitch plate

The soon-to-be Model Y Performance owner says they were notified the car was onsite, so they popped by to snap some pictures, ahead of delivery on Wednesday, at Serramonte Tesla in Colma, California.