Tesla Logo Projected by Matrix LED Headlights During 2021 Light Show [VIDEOS]

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Newer Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Performance vehicles have newer adaptive headlights, that contain an outer projector lamp that supports a matrix LED, allowing for a more powerful headlight.

These matrix LED headlights previously can project text, as seen at the Giga Berlin County Fair. Now, this feature has made its way to the 2021 holiday update.

The following videos showcase the Tesla logo being projected by those with the newer adaptive headlights, during the 2021 holiday light show feature, now available on Model 3, Model Y and Model S (joining the Model X).

Check out the videos below by @philippsic and @dabrowskicalvin:

Other new features from the 2021 holiday update include Boombox Megaphone for those cars with a Pedestrian Warning Speaker and also the expansion of Sentry Mode Live Video outside the United States, to Canada, Europe and beyond, plus more.