Tesla 2021.44.25.6 Software Update: FSD 10.8 Beta + Holiday Update Rolling Out

Tesla has started rolling out its 2021.44.25.6 software update, which includes Full Self-Driving 10.8 beta and the company’s 2021 holiday update, as noted by @Teslascope.

FSD beta testers such as @Brandonee916 and @BLKMDL3 confirmed their Tesla vehicles received the 2021.44.25.6 update:

Below are FSD 10.8 beta release notes, shared by @Teslascope earlier on Thursday:

Tesla’s 2021 holiday update started releasing to regular owners on Thursday night, debuting version 11.0 of the automaker’s software. With version 11.0, a new vehicle interface is available, plus Light Show for Model S (2021+), Model 3 and Model Y, and more.

The release of Tesla’s 2021 holiday update and FSD 10.8 beta has arrived as promised by Elon Musk, just in time for people to show off their Tesla vehicles over the Christmas holidays.