Fremont Tesla Model Y Gets New Door Panels, Matrix Headlights on Long Range

Model Y units manufactured at Tesla’s Fremont Factory in the U.S. now come with an updated interior trim (via Reddit).

The new interior on Fremont-made Model Ys replaces white faux leather with alcantara, a suede-like material, adds carpeting to the door bins, and features new wood panels along the front driver and passenger doors, matching builds from Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin.

Images below were shared by u/baroxie:

model y performance white interior

For comparison, here’s what the door panels in the white interior looked like before:

Some of the changes, such as the carpeted door bins, were previously spotted in Model Y builds from Giga Shanghai.

The interior changes appear to have been made somewhere between VIN F5160 and F5169. You may be able to use this information to determine whether or not you’ll be getting the new white interior if you’re waiting for a Model Y delivery from Fremont.

In addition, Fremont-made Model Y Long Range units have gained matrix LED headlights, according to u/sudowork on their Model Y with late VIN 516xxx.

Previously, matrix LED headlights were only available on Performance versions of the compact crossover SUV, along with all Model 3 versions.

Tesla’s matrix LED headlights are a pretty big upgrade, seeing as the automaker can unleash their full potential and turn them into adaptive headlamps down the line for additional functionality. The U.S. approved adaptive LED headlights back in February.

Tesla on Friday stopped taking Model 3 Long Range orders in the U.S. and Canada because the “waitlist is too long.” As it stands, the Model Y Long Range is showing estimated delivery times of January-April 2023 in the U.S.