Tesla Model 3 Long Range Orders Halted Because ‘Waitlist is Too Long’: Musk

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Earlier today, Tesla stopped taking orders for new Model 3 Long Range orders on its website, leaving only its rear-wheel drive entry version and the high-end Performance as available to order.

The company’s website currently has the Long Range Model 3 greyed out with a note that says “available in 2023”.

Now, we know why Tesla stopped taking orders for the Model 3 Long Range. On Friday evening, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said it was because the “waitlist is too long.” He added Tesla will “enable again as we ramp production.”

Back in May, Musk suggested in an interview with the Financial Times, Tesla would consider limiting or stopping orders of certain cars due to long wait times, and now we see the Model 3 Long Range succumb to high demand.

As it stands, the entry Model 3 is showing an estimated delivery date of Oct-Dec 2022, while the Performance is showing Oct-Nov 2022.

It’s unclear if Tesla will stop taking orders for its Model Y Long Range. Entry configurations are showing estimated delivery times of April-July 2023, while the Performance is showing as Sept-Oct 2022. It’s clear if you want a Tesla faster today, you’ll have to open your wallet.