New Tesla Model 3/Y Headlights Set for Global Release in Early 2021 Says Memo

Tesla announced to employees that it would be globally releasing updated Model 3 and Y headlight designs early next year, as reported by electrek. While the refreshed 2021 Model 3 has been spotted around here and there with the new, brightened headlights, it hasn’t been clear exactly which markets around the world received them and which didn’t.

However, beginning after the new year, all 2021 Model 3 and Model Y units delivered are set to have the updated headlights.

In the memo to employees, Tesla wrote, “We are transitioning Model 3 and Model Y to a new headlight design, which is eventually going to be consistent across all variants, globally. By Q1 2021, we expect all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to feature this new unit.”

The new headlights generate a more focused light beam, and are generally brighter, increasing the degree of safety for nighttime and low-light driving conditions.

Many units from Tesla’s Model 3 refresh included the headlights along with a number of other updated features. The company has been known for its model of incremental updates to its cars, rather than producing a completely new car for each year. As such, it takes some extra looking to spot the differences between new and old units.

As Tesla wraps up its Q4, it will be interesting to see if it can reach its previously-stated goal of half a million deliveries by the end of the year. Whether it does or not, 2021 is already ramping up to be another exciting year for the company.