2021 Tesla Model 3 Refresh vs 2018 Model 3 Compared [VIDEO]

2021 tesla model 3 vs 2018 tesla model 3

David Narayan has again shared another video of his 2021 Tesla Model 3, but this time compared to a 2018 Model 3, to show the major differences from the latest Model 3 refresh. A fellow Utah resident named Lucas showed up to meet with Narayan.

YouTube video

There’s a closer look at the revamped aero wheel covers, chrome delete, headlights, double-pane glass, steering wheel, USB-C ports, centre console, and more. You can jump to the different features compared in the timestamps below:



As for a sound difference with the new double-pane glass compared to the 2018 Model 3, a decibel meter of both cars driving resulted in the 2021 Model 3 only a decibel or two lower. Not a big difference when it comes to sound, says Narayan.

Overall, the new refresh for Tesla’s Model 3 comes with new features such as a heat pump like the Model Y, along with factory chrome delete, power trunk, new centre console and more. The new changes surely will help Tesla achieve its production goal of 500,000 vehicles in a single year for the first time.