2021 Tesla Model 3 Refresh Now Delivering in the United States [VIDEO]

Model 3 refresh

Tesla updated its Model 3 recently, adding a plethora of new features, such as new heat pump, chrome delete, new center console, power trunk and more.

While we’ve heard about these Model 3 refresh units getting exported to China, we now are seeing the first of these cars deliver in the United States.

According to David Narayan’s latest video (shared to Reddit), the user has received the delivery of a 2021 Tesla Model 3. While Tesla doesn’t use years to label its vehicles, unofficially everyone is referring to this refresh as the 2021 Model 3 to keep track of the changes.

“Got very lucky when I ordered my [Model 3]. Just a little back story, I had made my reservation a few months ago, but I put it on hold because I learned I was having a baby. Fast forward to a week ago, I logged in to make my order and noticed that I could get the 2021 version,” said Narayan.

“After processing the update I called Tesla and they said I wouldn’t get my car until early to mid-December. a few days later they texted me asking when I could pick it up, literally that fast. Not sure how, but it happened,” explained the new Model 3 owner.

“Upon picking up the car we were told by the Tesla workers that they had never seen one yet, and this was the first! Let me know if you’ve seen anyone else have this version before us, I’d love to chat with them!” said an excited Narayan.

YouTube video

Narayan says he will be sharing another video to detail the new changes, such as answering questions about a heated steering wheel, the new front headlights, colour of rear blinking lights and the wheels under the aero covers. He can confirm there is double-paned front glass.

Other users in the U.S. are also receiving these Model 3 refresh units. Check out the gallery below (via u/Goddamn_Batman)

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Stay tuned for more, as this first Model 3 refresh delivered in the United States should be a sign of more to come.