First Look: Tesla Model 3 Refresh Features Detailed in Hands-On [VIDEO]

A new video released on YouTube and shared on Reddit breaks down the 2021 Model 3 refresh, including a number of exciting feature upgrades and changes.

The video, posted by YouTube channel 駕輛 UpCar and shared on the Tesla Motors subreddit by u/okaybutfirstcoffee, depicts the hosts in Hong Kong taking a look at the new Model 3, breaking down the list of its new features and elements.

The new Model 3 does include the newly-added foglights on which we reported recently, though it wasn’t totally clear which vehicle the car was. Now we see that it mimicked many of these new features, signifying that it was, in fact, Tesla’s new MIC Model 3.

Along with its updated headlights and new foglights, the refreshed Model 3 also includes:

  • New wheels (performance model only)
  • Chrome delete (like Model Y)
  • Power trunk with new auto-stopping jam sensors (like Model Y)
  • Holes in the weatherstripping to prevent trunk rain
  • A lighted symbol on the door’s button (like Model Y)
  • Better, vegan-friendly grip for the steering wheel
  • Black metal refresh on steering wheel rotary dials
  • New center console
  • Glovebox comes with 64 GB flash drive gift with Tesla logo
  • USB-C charging ports built-in

Tesla’s newly-refreshed MIC Model 3 is certainly worth taking a look at – it’s slightly sleeker and better fine-tuned than previous models, and it’s set for delivery by the new year.

YouTube video