Here’s Another Closer Look at the Tesla Model 3 Refresh from Hong Kong [VIDEO]

In a recently published video, Tesla Offer has shared a closer look that the new Tesla Model 3 refresh had finally made its way to Tesla showrooms in Hong Kong. This is the second video we’ve seen from Hong Kong breaking down the Model 3 refresh. Check out the first video here from earlier this week.

The Model 3 refresh was confirmed in the middle of October, with a host of new features ranging from better sound proofing to a heated steering wheel. Raymond from Tesla Offer was also able to go see the Model 3 refresh at a local showroom and record his experience for a YouTube video.

YouTube video

In the video, Raymond showcases one of the very first units of the Model 3 refresh to land in Hong Kong, and gives us another look at some of the newest features.

Right off the bat, Raymond notes that all of the Model 3 refresh units in Hong Kong right now have been imported from the U.S. and are not being manufactured locally at Giga Shanghai.

The electric trunk on the refresh is satisfyingly quiet, the center console has become much more practical, the exterior has a definite chrome delete, the frunk has a much more user-friendly recessed button, and there’s a new heating pump in the frunk.

While the driver’s side window and the front passenger’s side window have double-paned glass, the windows in the back are fitted with single-paned glass. In addition, this specific unit also didn’t have the Model 3 refresh’s new headlights, but that could be chalked up to the fact that it’s a showroom unit.

Unfortunately, the folks at Tesla Offer have not yet been able to confirm if the unit they tested had a heated steering wheel or not.

All in all, the 2021 refresh for the Tesla Model 3 seems to be a solid upgrade, bringing lots of quality of life improvements and a few new features that consumers will definitely love. If you want another look at the latest Model 3 refresh, the video is worth watching.