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Tesla’s Berlin Factory Start Date: End of 2021 Says Elon Musk

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin could face up to three months delay according to the most recent update, with the news following multiple halts to the construction site due to hibernating snakes and unpaid security deposits. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has visited Gigafactory Berlin, in Grünheide, Germany, according to Yahoo Finance. The news follows production dates for […]

Tesla’s Berlin Factory May Face 3 Month Delay, Not 6 Says Minister

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin, located in Grünheide near Brandenburg, has been plagued by slow approval processes and other delays, as construction nears completion and the company plans to begin production on its electric vehicles (EVs) for the European market. Brandenburg Economic Minister Jörg Steinbach, a familiar German politician who has been supportive of Tesla’s entry into […]

Every Tesla Gigafactory Side-by-Side After 9 Months of Construction [VIDEO]

My Tesla Weekend released a video Thursday featuring progress from all three of Tesla’s ongoing Gigafactory construction projects with a 9-month, side-by-side look at the build progress of each. The video compiles shots from Gigafactories Shanghai, Berlin, and Texas (U.S.) captured by Jason Yang, Tobias Lindh, and Jeff Roberts. The video’s host mentions that, while […]

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Start May Face 3 Month Delay, Says Minister

Starting production at Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin was originally slated for July, but requirements from the German government’s Federal Immission Control Act, which holds that certain deadlines must be met during a facility’s construction and licensing processes, according to Handelsblatt. In a statement to the publication, a Brandenburg Economic Minister said that if it were the […]

Tesla Slams German Government for Slow Approval Process at Gigafactory Berlin

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin construction project has been quite the saga, and one with hibernating snakes, unpaid security deposits, and, according to Tesla, a whole lot of government red tape. In a letter to courts Wednesday, Tesla harshly criticized the German government for slowing down the battle against climate change through the “particularly irritating” fact of […]

Tesla Pre-Approved for Gigafactory Berlin Footprint Expansion

Tesla has now been pre-approved for a new permit for its Gigafactory Berlin facility, which allows the EV factory to expand its footprint by 80 hectares, as reported by RBB24 (via Teslarati). The news comes after several months of work in clearing an additional 80 hectares of forest surrounding the Gründheide, Germany factory, but the […]

Tesla to Close Model S and X Plant in Tilburg, Netherlands

Tesla is closing its Tilburg plant in the Netherlands, where the company completed its final assemblies of its Models S and X, reported electrek on Thursday. The plant, which was opened in 2015 as an expansion to the company’s service center in the city, is the final stop for assembly and testing of all Model […]

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Might Start Prototype Production in May: Rumor

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin is expected to be completed sometime this year, and new reports hold that the factory may even be finished as soon as May. On Thursday, German software company head Ralf Ostholt posted a rumor to Twitter that Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin would be starting prototype production in May, with full production beginning in […]

Germans Divided Over Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s Environmental Impact

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin is under fire from environmental activists, according to the Guardian, especially after being ordered to halt building following the company’s choice to remove trees and build without the proper licensing. Local residents of the Berlin suburb of Grünheide, where the factory is being built, are split on whether Tesla should be able […]

Take a Tour Inside Tesla Gigafactory Berlin by Drone [4K VIDEO]

While Tesla’s Gigafactories in Berlin, Germany and Austin, Texas are on their way to completion, it’s been exciting to see them develop over time. In a breakthrough video released Sunday by YouTube channel Teslair, we get an inside look (literally!) at Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin progress, with the help of a 4K drone flying into what […]

German Court Again Orders Tesla to Stop Clearing Trees at Giga Berlin

In spite of earlier reports that Tesla would have “every assistance” from the German government in its construction goals, the California-based company has been stopped up three times by German courts in the past several weeks. And in the newest blow to the company’s morale, it has been asked to stop cutting down trees at […]

Best Look Yet: Tesla Giga Berlin Gets Wrapped Model Y Bodies [VIDEO]

Tesla’s global expansion operations are well underway, and it’s exciting to see them all come together, no matter how slowly. Recent rumors of Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin receiving a number of Model Y bodies came to fruition earlier this week, as depicted in a drone video shared by YouTube channel Teslair. The video shows a number […]

One Year of Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Construction [VIDEO]

It’s been quite the year for electric vehicle (EV) giant Tesla, which will soon have completed factories on three continents – and likely with more factories still yet to come. In a video uploaded Thursday by YouTube channel Giga Berlin, the host breaks down all the progress made on Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin since its beginning […]