Elon Musk Meets German Minister and Fans in Berlin



Photo: Daria (via GF4Tesla)

After the German Minister of Economy, Labor, and Energy of the state of Brandenburg Jörg Steinbach said Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin may face a three-month delay, the official had a chance to catch up with Tesla CEO Elon Musk on his recent trip to the facility.

On Tuesday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was spotted visiting Gigafactory Berlin, according to photos shared by GF4Tesla.

On the visit, Musk also met with Steinbach, who had high praises for the progress made – despite recent delays.

Steinbach mentioned having a “brief informal catchup” at the Grünheide-based Gigafactory, and he expressed being “amazed with the current status.”

Musk responded, thanking Steinbach, and he said he hoped the facility would become a “jewel of Brandenburg.”

While Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin has faced no shortage of delays – from hibernating snakes and unpaid security deposits, to local backlash and compliance issues – the visit with Steinbach seems a warm testament towards how close the factory is coming to production.

Musk also met up with fans outside the company’s Gigafactory, with one even presenting a cardboard cutout of the Tesla CEO to sign:

Musk has also slammed the German government for its slow approval processes, amidst ongoing fights around the globe with auto regulators.

While the original target date was July 1 for Tesla to begin production at the Grünheide, Germany facility, the process may now be pushed back as far as this fall.

About 10 minutes ago, Musk’s jet took off from Brandenburg and is most likely headed back to the United States.


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