First Look: Camera Crew Reveals Inside of Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory [VIDEO]

Photo: Galileo (via Reddit)

As construction on Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin nears completion, the first glimpses of the inside of the Grünheide factory are beginning to surface – showing the interior nearly intact and ready to start producing cars.

Tesla hosted its first-ever camera team at Gigafactory Berlin in an exclusive insider episode released by German show Galileo (via Reddit). The video depicts the inside of Tesla’s Brandenburg, Germany production facility, currently being constructed in Grünheide, including shots from the assembly department, where the actual vehicles will be put together.

The full 24-minute episode is in German, and shows a number of shots of Tesla’s car manufacturing plant from the inside, complete with interviews featuring an employee who works there.

The news comes nearly a year after Tesla Grünheide’s first official factory tour early on in the facility’s construction plans.

In Europe, Tesla’s customers are currently still receiving deliveries that have been imported from the company’s Gigafactory Shanghai. However, upon Gigafactory Berlin’s completion, customers on the continent will be able to take delivery of vehicles made in Germany instead.

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin is set for completion two months after Tesla’s Gigafactory Austin, the latter of which is reportedly set to begin producing test Model Y units as soon as this week.

First ever camera team in GF Berlin
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Update August 13, 2021: Added new video with subtitles:

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