Tesla’s Gigafactory 4 in Berlin, Germany Gets First Official Factory Tour

Today, Tesla has several Gigafactories built with more on the way, including one each in California, Nevada, New York, China, the Netherlands, and one under construction in Germany. The electric vehicle (EV) company also has new construction plans for a plant in Texas.

The construction of Tesla’s Gigafactory 4 in Berlin is going quickly and smoothly, according to some on Twitter, and is apparently going even quicker than the company’s build in Shanghai went. While it isn’t finished yet, Elon Musk thinks the Berlin factory could start making Tesla Model Ys as soon as 2021.

Netherlands resident Esther Kokkelmans, the co-founder of TeslaCampus, visited Gigafactory 4 in Berlin yesterday, after an official invite from Tesla. “Feeling impressed by the site and the amazing team behind it. Thank you @Tesla and @elonmusk for doing what you do!”, added Kokkelmans, sharing a construction picture of the site.

Kokkelmans says she the invite was the first official factory tour for Gigafactory Berlin and she experienced it all while being driven within a Model X.

She followed up this morning to say her picture has seen over 65,000 views on Twitter, an indication of “[how] excited is the world about gigafactory 4!”, while adding yet another photo:

Watching the massive building shoot up in a matter of months seems an impressive feat, though it shouldn’t be surprising for a company that’s ruling the world right now.

The speed of this factory’s construction and the general success of Tesla as of late leaves many questions for competing EV companies. Tesla is on track to beat other EV companies to major milestones like semi-truck delivery, an entire line of EVs, and still, other major qualifiers as the world’s leading EV brand.

With walls going up on the major factory, one can almost fathom what the complete structure will look like. Still, the structure has a long way to go before it’s pumping out the world’s favorite EV.