4680 battery

Tesla Model Y Comparison: Texas 4680 vs. Fremont [VIDEO]

Tesla’s newest Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, started delivering cars in April. The plant began production with the Tesla Model Y Standard Range with the company’s new 4680 cell-based structural battery pack. In a recent video, The Kilowatts compared a Giga Texas-made Model Y against a Model Y Long Range with 2170 battery cells from Tesla’s […]

Tesla’s 4680 Structural Battery Pack Shown in New Image

Tesla’s structural battery pack was unveiled at last year’s Battery Day event, along with the 4680 battery cell that has the industry in awe. In a new update, electrek shared the first picture of the new structural battery pack, including honeycomb architecture which will house the new battery cells. Tesla 4680 Battery Pack Mock Up […]

Tesla Giga Berlin Starts Hiring for Battery Cell Production

With Tesla Giga Berlin’s battery cell production operations soon to be underway, the company has begun hiring for a Cell Manufacturing Operational Leader, a Cell Shop Senior Leader, and a Manufacturing Engineering Manager, as reported by Teslarati. Drew Baglino, VP of Technology and Senior Vice President of Power Train and Energy Engineering, posted the jobs […]

Another Tesla Fan Makes 4680 Battery Cell Replica

Another fan has come along to 3D print one of Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells, and it’s looking pretty sleek. Reddit user u/Bimmer3389 has shared their 4680 battery cell replica, 3D-printed to scale to include the tab-less electrode interior, which is also plated with copper. This is the second iteration of 3D replicas of the […]

Tesla Fan Recreates 4680 Battery Cell to Show Real-Life Scale [PICS]

At Battery Day on Tuesday, electric vehicle company Tesla announced its new 4680 Roadrunner battery. On Friday, Reddit user u/iTriMara posted a picture of a 3d-printed model of Tesla’s new 4680 battery. Multiple users within the thread commented on the sheer size of the battery, stating that they did not realize how big it would […]