Another Tesla Fan Makes 4680 Battery Cell Replica

A 3D-printed 4680 Tesla battery cell replica, courtesy of Reddit user u/Bimmer3389

Another fan has come along to 3D print one of Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells, and it’s looking pretty sleek.

Reddit user u/Bimmer3389 has shared their 4680 battery cell replica, 3D-printed to scale to include the tab-less electrode interior, which is also plated with copper. This is the second iteration of 3D replicas of the new battery, though it’s the first to include a copper-plated replica of the electrode.

Tesla’s 4680 battery cell was announced at the electric vehicle (EV) company’s Battery Day event last month. The new battery is expected to increase manufacturing speed and efficiency while decreasing the cost of battery production substantially.

Here’s a picture of what the 4680 battery cell looks like in someone’s hand. Does it resemble a small can of soda?

Along with the company’s claim to “cutting battery production in half,” it also said that Tesla would offer a $25,000 (USD) car to the consumer market within the next few years. This is just one expected benefit of the new 4680 battery cells.

While the battery replica won’t power your Tesla, the original user also speculated about potentially putting an 18650 lithium-ion battery inside to use the replica as a power bank.

The user is also selling the 3D-printed battery cell replica as a paperweight on his etsy, and those in the market for one can get theirs today.