Just How Efficient is The Tesla Model Y? [VIDEO]

  Exactly how efficient is the new electric SUV from Tesla? How does the Model Y measure up against other electric vehicles on the market? What kind of numbers can new drivers expect? A new video from Cleanerwatt addresses these questions and more. The video begins by handling the issue of energy density differences between […]

Canadian Tesla Buyers Frustrated with Hardware Mismatches

As Tesla produces ventilators for hospitals in the US and continues to roll out touchless deliveries, there are some problems brewing among Canadian buyers. The problem lies with orders delivered without the latest Tesla Autopilot hardware. Specifically, some buyers are reporting that they’ve received Tesla Model 3’s that come equipped with the HW 2.5, rather […]

Positive COVID-19 Test Results for Tesla Gigafactory Employee in Nevada

Unfortunately, an employee working at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 has caused a number of disruptions both in North America and around the world. Of course, interruptions to Tesla’s operations are no exception to the outbreak. According to a report from News 4 & Fox 11, “…the employee […]

Tesla “Contactless” Deliveries Extend to Canada Due to COVID-19

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across North America, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla maintains its deliveries. Making use of a unique process of contact-less or touchless deliveries, the company keeps customers safe. While health remains a priority, contact-less deliveries remain a consistent method for getting cars out to customers, according to Wheels.ca. In Canada, […]

Tesla Model Y 360 Video Shows Off Interior Driving Experience

Videos of the Tesla Model Y are abundant. Since the vehicle’s release in early March, drivers have not been bashful about showing off some of the electric vehicle’s most appealing features. In a new 360 Video from Ryan Wallace, viewers get a chance to see the interior of the vehicle as it travels the roads. […]

Here’s How the Tesla Model Y Trunk Fits Golf Clubs

image via Facebook As Tesla’s first dive into sport utility vehicles, the Model Y is proving to be quite exceptional. The electric vehicle impresses drivers on a number of fronts, too. It’s not just about battery life, range, or performance with the Model Y. One such area of interest that has garnered substantial attention from […]

Tutorial: How to Open and Close the Model Y Rear Trunk

Continuing in our Tesla Model Y tutorial posts, this week we’re covering the basics of the trunk. If you’re curious to learn the starting points of starting and driving the Model Y, check out last week’s tutorial. To get started, we advise following along with the Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual. On page 18, the […]

Check Out This Video of the Tesla Model Y Driving Off Road

The Tesla Model Y has received mostly positive reviews. As deliveries began rolling out at the start of March, drivers have not been shying in sharing their experiences with the vehicle. In light of the Model Y manual going live on Tesla’s website, there’s been a lot of talk about some of the vehicle’s specifics. […]

Model Y Radar Heater Joins the List of Innovative Features

If you needed any more reason to consider getting behind the wheel of the Tesla Model Y, then look no further. As drivers receive their new electric vehicles, they’re discovering more reasons to support Tesla’s newest model. The radar heater joins the list of features that make the Model Y one to look out for. […]

Tesla Model Y Reviewed by Doug DeMuro [VIDEO]

In a new video review from Doug DeMuro, we get a closer look into why the Tesla Model Y has been such a highly anticipated electric vehicle. As Doug mentions just seconds into the video, the Model Y represents the first cross over SUV made by Tesla. In addition to its build and stylistic appeal, […]