Wuling Hongguang Mini EV Outsells Tesla Model 3 in China

A new electric vehicle (EV), created from a joint General Motors (GM) venture, has already brought in tens of thousands of preorders and surpassed the Tesla Model 3, becoming China’s best-selling EV currently on the market. The car, Wuling’s Hongguang Mini, was launched in late July and costs only $4,300 dollars, a major selling point […]

Boring Company Approved to Expand into Downtown Las Vegas

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is getting ready for his Las Vegas Boring Company tunnels to expand, hopefully for the benefit of traffic congestion in the Nevada city. On Tuesday, Las Vegas planning commissioners officially approved the Boring Company and Musk’s plan to create tunnels underneath downtown Las Vegas, as reported by Fox 5 News. The […]

Watch Tesla’s Latest Ads for Trip Planner and Sentry Mode [VIDEOS]

Tesla has just shared a new ad titled, ‘Discover: Trip Planner’. The video details how you can “enter any destination and see how Tesla can take you there.” Tesla details how its vehicles can easily help you manage your road trips, by planning out Supercharger destinations, plus with detailed route calculations based on how you […]

Can Telesat Rival SpaceX Starlink in Canada with New $600 Million Contract?

SpaceX Starlink may have an upcoming rival in Canada, as Telesat recently announced it had signed a $600 million CAD ($456 million USD) contract with the federal government for its low earth orbit satellite internet service. Earlier this week, the federal government announced the launch of its $1.7 billion Universal Broadband Fund, aimed at connecting […]

Tesmanian Black Friday 2020 Sale: Save 25% Off Site Wide

Tesmanian has launched its Black Friday sale, offering 25% off site wide on its Tesla accessories, which includes floor mats and more. All you have to do is enter coupon code BlackFriday25 to save 25% off everything on the site. The company says “limited quantity on hand”. If you have a Tesla coming, now is […]

Tesla Gigafactory Austin Progress Update from November 11 [4K VIDEO]

Tesla’s construction in both Austin and Berlin have been making leaps and bounds in progress recently. And fans and followers of the electric vehicle (EV) company, have kept in step, awaiting the day they’ll see the Cybertruck materialize before their eyes. In Jeff Roberts’ newest 4K video update of Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory, we see the […]

Edmonton EV Charging Station Rebate Goes Live for Homes, Businesses

A program in Edmonton, Alberta, is subsidizing fast-charging for homes and business, in ongoing efforts to encourage consumers to buy electric vehicles (EVs). According to CBC, the Canadian city’s EV charging station rebate for homes and businesses will continue for at least the next two years. The program, which has a total cost of $300,000 […]

Rivian R1T Pricing Starts at $75,000, R1S Slightly Higher

Fans of electric vehicle (EV) startup Rivian have something to be excited about this morning, as many await the release, production, and delivery of the company’s first truck and SUV. Rivian has now announced that its order configurator for the R1T and R1S will go live next week, meaning that customers will finally be able […]

Tesla Will Donate Overnight Test Drives in Bid to Fight Human Trafficking

As the world transitions to sustainable transportation, Tesla’s role in guiding peoples’ morals towards environmental awareness should not be understated. And now, Tesla will use its major fan power to positively influence a different cause. Tesla is donating raffle prizes, including overnight test drives, in a fundraising event December 12th, to raise awareness for and […]

Hyundai Reveals Electric, Plug-In, Hybrid Vehicle Lines for 2022

Hyundai, like many other companies right now, is vigorously looking to make a shift to electric vehicles (EVs), and other low-emission transportation options. In a new announcement last week, Hyundai shared its expansion of its “eco-focused” line-up of 2022 models, which includes a total of 10 vehicles with four Hybrids, two Plug-in Hybrids, one Fuel […]

Berlin Mercedes-Benz Manager Joins Tesla Instead

Tesla’s overseeing manager from the Giga Berlin construction site recently left, though sources are not sure why. Now, however, Tesla will gain an employee from a competing automaker, a manufacturing executive with many years of experience that is sure to benefit the company’s goals. Tesla’s Giga Berlin will now gain the support of Rene Reif, […]