Inspiration4 Crew Will Conduct Health Experiments Aboard SpaceX Flight

Photo: Inspiration4

The world’s first all-civilian spaceflight mission, the Inspiration4 mission, is set for launch in September, and crew members will board SpaceX’s dragon aircraft to collect data for future flights, according to a new release from the crew.

The crew of the Inspiration4 mission will reportedly conduct a number of health research studies to help increase knowledge for humanity’s future space travel projects, according to a press release.

In addition to specific health research studies, other research will be conducted by SpaceX, the Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH), Baylor College of Medicine, and investigators at Weill Cornell Medicine. The latter research will include environmental and biomedical data, as well as biological samples from the Inspiration4 crew beforehand, during the flight, and following the flight.

The mission is being funded by 34-year-old billionaire Jared Isaacman, who will board the flight along with Hayley Arceneaux, Chris Sembroski, and Dr. Sian Proctor.

Earlier this month, Netflix also announced an Inspiration4 Mission documentary series, which is set to debut leading up to the mission and will follow the mission itself. The documentary will be produced in real-time, following the Inspiration4 mission.

Isaacman said, “The crew of Inspiration4 is eager to use our mission to help make a better future for those who will launch in the years and decades to come.”

“In all of human history, fewer than 600 humans have reached space. We are proud that our flight will help influence all those who will travel after us and look forward to seeing how this mission will help shape the beginning of a new era for space exploration,” added Isaacman.