2022 Rivian R1T Reviewed by Motortrend: ‘Most Remarkable Pickup’ Ever Driven



Photo: Motortrend

With Rivian’s upcoming R1T and R1S already gaining a second factory in the U.S., the vehicles have a lot of momentum going into their first deliveries – and a new endorsement from Motortrend isn’t likely to slow down their oncoming takeover.

Aaron Gold of Motortrend shared a review of the Rivian R1T on Tuesday, and went on to say that the test drive left the crew “very impressed,” with the publication calling the electric truck the “most remarkable pickup we’ve ever driven.”

Photo: Motortrend

In the review, Gold said, “[The Rivian R1T] hauls and tackles difficult terrain as well as or better than internal combustion pickups, and its combination of on-pavement handling prowess and off-road finesse is simply unmatched in any other current truck.” Gold continued, “If the Rivian R1T is the future of the pickup truck—and we certainly think it is—then the future cannot come quickly enough.”

Photo: Motortrend

Among the truck’s best features listed in the review were its powertrain and suspension, dual-motor all-wheel-drive, its separate drive modes, and its overall cargo space. The one downside listed by the publication was the vehicle’s user interface – though there’s a lot of time for improvement on anything software-based.

The Rivian R1T starts at a base price of $75,000 USD, and despite a series of delays announced by Rivian, the electric pickup is currently on target to deliver to customers later this month.

Photo: Motortrend

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe shared a video earlier this week of the R1T wading through water, demonstrating some possibly aquatic capabilities of the truck:

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