Neuralink Shares Cryptic Teaser for November 30 ‘Show and Tell’ Event

Elon Musk’s brain implant company Neuralink recently shared a cryptic teaser for its upcoming “Show and Tell” event, which is scheduled for 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET on Wednesday, November 30. The 14-second video posted by the neurotechnology startup on Twitter served as an invitation to the event, depicting the phrase “please join us for […]

Tesla Accessories Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Thanksgiving weekend is here and that means Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping extravaganzas are ready to go Here are some Tesla Black Friday 2022 deals on accessories and more. The Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y fans in your life will like some of the following gifts for Christmas, so […]

Tesla Opening Two-Storey Center in Ribe, Denmark, This Weekend

Tesla is gearing up for the grand opening of a new two-storey sales center at Ole Rømers Vej 11 in Ribe, Denmark on Saturday, November 26 (via @TSLA_Ownrs_DK).  Grand Opening of @Tesla’s new two-storey center in Ribe, Denmark on saturday, November 26 at 11 am at Ole Rømers Vej 11 🇩🇰⚡️ Come by and test […]

Tesla Cuts Supercharger Pricing in L.A., Parts of Southern California

The price of charging an electric vehicle (EV) can fluctuate significantly, and a recent update to some Tesla Supercharging shows the company offering more affordable peak pricing than in the past. Tesla has cut Supercharging prices throughout much of Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California, as spotted by @BLKMDL3 and shared in a […]

Tesla Reportedly Plans Dolby Atmos Support for Cars, Claims Report

Recently it was discovered Tesla plans to debut Apple Music in its vehicles and now we’re hearing Dolby Atmos support might be coming as well. According to an unnamed source speaking to BGR, the publication says “Tesla has been working with major record labels for months to bring Dolby Atmos to Tesla cars.” Dolby Atmos […]

GM Announces Over 15 Ultium-Based EVs Launching in China by 2025

General Motors (GM) is set to launch more than 15 electric vehicles in China by 2025, according to statements from the automaker during its Tech Day event on Tuesday in Shanghai. The EVs are set to be launched on GM’s Ultium drivetrain, and the company expects to have an annual production capacity of about one […]

SpaceX Successfully Launches Eutelsat 10B Mission, Expends Booster [VIDEO]

Along with its own Starlink launches, SpaceX also provides launches for several other companies, government agencies and more. In one such launch, the company successfully launched a satellite for Eutelsat into geosynchronous orbit on late Tuesday evening. SpaceX successfully launched the Eutelsat 10B mission on Tuesday using its Falcon 9 booster. The first stage was […]

Tesla Files Permit for 88-Stall Supercharger in Quartzsite, Arizona

Supercharger expansion plans remain one of Tesla’s top priorities, and the company’s charging network is set to gain a new location in Arizona, featuring one of the largest builds to date. Tesla filed a permit application to build an 88-stall Supercharger station in Quartzsite, Arizona, as reported by @MarcoRPTesla on Tuesday. The Supercharger will be […]

Starlink Now Live on Super Remote Easter Island and Pitcairn Island

As SpaceX continues launching Starlink satellites into its orbital constellation, the company is also making the low-Earth orbit (LEO) broadband service available in some of the world’s most remote locations. @SpaceX announced on Tuesday that its Starlink satellite internet has become operational in two of the world’s most remote locations: Pitcairn Island and Easter Island. […]

Tesla Megapacks Now Power Europe’s Largest Battery Energy Storage System

Tesla’s Megapack systems are being used to store power at what is considered Europe’s largest distributed battery, and the system is now operational, according to a press release from partners Harmony Energy. The site is being overseen by utility suppliers Harmony Energy and is located in Pillswood, located in East Yorkshire county of England. With […]