Video Shows Off Tesla Model Y Exterior Features

The YouTube account Tesla Backseatballer has just uploaded a video showing off some of the new features of the Tesla Model Y. As you probably know by now, buyers are excited as Model Y deliveries are set to begin in just a few days. While some details such as the Model Y dimensions, weight, and […]

Tesla Has Some New Trouble in China Over Downgraded Model 3 Chips

Tesla has found its way into some new trouble among the Chinese government. When the electric vehicle manufacturer failed to outfit some Model 3’s with the latest computer chip, people were angry. The issue resulted from a problem with Tesla’s supply chain in China. Tesla initially owned up to the snafu and assured buyers to […]

Tesla Alcoholic Beverages Being Advertised…in China?

image via Twitter In a recent tweet, user Jay in Shanghai shared a photo depicting alcoholic beverages with the Tesla Inc., logo on them. WTF! Meanwhile in China 🇨🇳 buy your bottle of Tesla coming to a store near you!#Tesla #TeslaChina #GF3 #OnlyinChina #特斯拉 #中国 $TSLA pic.twitter.com/w3F8Y1X9aW — Jay in Shanghai 电动 Jay (@JayinShanghai) March […]

Tesla Model Y White Interior Configuration Option is Delivering Soon

  For most who have ordered a Tesla Model Y, it won’t be long now before deliveries start arriving. Many who ordered the new Model Y were concerned about the availability of certain customization options. When designing the Model Y on Tesla’s website, the white interior option is available, alongside the standard black interior. However, […]

Tesla Searches for the Ideal Location for New U.S. Cybertruck Gigafactory

There was lots of hype about the initial Tesla Cybertruck reveal. However, there wasn’t much talk about how (or where) the vehicle would be manufactured. Now, in a recent statement by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, consideration for Tesla’s new Cybertruck Gigafactory has begun. In a recent tweet, Musk states, “Scouting locations for Cybertruck Gigafactory. Will […]

Tesla Loses Its Director of Manufacturing

  Jatinder “Jat” Dhillon, the director of Manufacturing for Tesla, Inc., has recently left his position at the company.  According to sources at CNBC, the reason for Dhillon’s separation from the company is unclear at this point. However, the timing for his departure is not exactly ideal for Tesla. Dhillon worked at Tesla for over […]

Tesla-focused Rideshare Service Hits the Streets in California

  A new rideshare service called Go360 is now public in Sacramento, California. Go360 recently shared a press release telling potential users that its focus is to “offer our riders a way to achieve a better quality of life by providing an alternative and affordable means of transportation.” Sacramento is certainly an excellent testing ground […]

Tesla Celebrates Production of its 1,000,000th Electric Vehicle

On March 9th, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to congratulate the Tesla team on their 1,000,000th car. The electric vehicle manufacturer has come a long way since its inception in July of 2003. As of March 9th, 2020 the company has officially completed its 1,000,000th car. One of the photos posted by Elon […]

Tesla Stock Falls Amid Oil Prices and Coronavirus Fears

March 9th marked a challenging day for electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, as oil prices plummeted and common index funds like the S&P 500 took massive hits. On Monday alone, the price of Tesla’s stock went down 13.6% to close out the day at a price of $608 USD per share. Of course, Tesla was not […]

PC Games Can Now Be Played in Your Tesla

CEO of Rainway App, Andrew Sampson took to Twitter to show off new PC game integration features with the Tesla user interface. In a short demo, Sampson shows the Rainway App launching a save point from NieR:Automata. https://twitter.com/Andrewmd5/status/1236693468413493248 The seamless gaming integration represents a feature long-desired by Tesla owners. Of course, as Sampson is wise […]

New Video Shows Tesla Autopilot Avoiding Head-on Collision

On Highway 49 in Concord, North Carolina, a Tesla driver avoided a near head-on collision thanks to Tesla Autopilot. In a recent video showcased by Fox 46 Charlotte, a driver explains his nightly commute. Spending hours on the road can be dangerous for drivers due to a number of factors. When a vehicle driving in […]

Tesla Model Y Dimensions, Weight, Height and More Leak

We now have the apparent dimensions to Tesla’s Model Y SUV, if new leaks are to be believed. According to an anonymous tipster, the following details posted by Tesmanian reveal what we didn’t know about Model Y, including its exact length, width and height. Check out the details below... Exterior Dimensions (A): Overall Length: 187...

How Much Will COVID-19 Affect Tesla Production?

There are high levels of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19’s economic impact. What does this hold for Tesla’s electric vehicle production? The stock market continues to recede in response to fears of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Tesla Inc., relies on a significant share of its revenue from China, the source of the outbreak. In fact, according to […]