Tesla Model X Performance Raven Reviewed by Autogefühl’s Thomas Majchrzak [VIDEO]



Model x raven review

Car journalist Thomas Majchrzak from Germany’s Autogefühl has released his in-depth review of the Tesla Model X Performance Raven—and he’s really impressed with the latest update.

Majchrzak spends 44 minutes reviewing the Model X, showing off the “awesome” acceleration of the Model X Performance along Germany’s famed Autobahn, reaching speeds of 125 mph (202 km/h) on camera.

The popular car journalist says the noise insulation at high speeds has noticeably been improved compared to the non-Raven Model X update. “I’m really astonished at how big the difference is,” explains Majchrzak.

“I would really say this car here now gets the stamp of German motorway approval. Congratulations, Elon,” says Majchrzak, noting how it is a German #firstworldproblem to deal with noises at high speeds.

Majchrzak says existing German manufacturers need to beware of Tesla’s existing Model X and Model S lineup, not just the newer models. He tells existing German automakers to “take this car out for a spin and think again.”

The Raven update with more range, better performance and improved noise insulation and air suspension makes for a “great improvement” to the Model X.

Tesla is building a new Gigafactory in Berlin, set to build Model Y as soon as 2021. It’ll be interesting to see the build quality of Tesla vehicles made in Germany, giving the country’s proud automotive workforce and skilled labour.

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