Ingenext Plans Boost Module Upgrade For Tesla Model 3 SR+ and Model Y

Although Tesla rolls out updates and new software on its cars every so often, they aren’t the only company trying to improve their electric vehicles (EVs).

As reported by Inside EVs, a new Reddit thread has illuminated the upcoming Ingenext Performance upgrade module, which will include a number of experience enhancements to the Tesla Model 3’s interior interface and a handful of non-driving accessories. The company has also shared that it is working on and soon plans to release a similar module for the Tesla Model Y.

Since these performance and experience boosts are not made by Tesla, many users have seen notifications condemning the third-party installations after using it. Still, Ingenext claims it’s committed to “fixing” these issues, and will likely patch the update with software that prevents the Teslas from stopping the module from working.

According to Guillaume André, founder of Ingenext, the upgrade is supposed to add the following features:

  • Rear-heated seat control
  • Ambient lighting
  • Automatic opening for driver door
  • Automatic frunk and trunk opening using proximity sensors
  • Drift mode
  • Battery pack heating
  • Live battery data

While the module still needs fixing for a workaround to the Tesla warning messages, and it’s unclear what Tesla’s specific stance on these third-party improvements are, the enhancements seem pretty worthwhile. Perhaps Tesla can even take a few notes from Ingenext and improve some of the same issues internally, instead of letting enthusiastic companies take charge.