Tesla Hits Another All-Time High, Reaching $2,295 Per Share

Tesla all time high august 27 2020

Tesla’s stock price just keeps surging, as today during intra-day trading, it reached another all-time high of $2,295.60 per share.

Just yesterday, shares of Tesla hit an all-time high of $2,166 per share, but that was topped today. Numerous analysts have raised price targets for Tesla, including Wedbush noting earlier this week the company’s stock should be at $3,500.

Tesla’s market cap has also hit a record, reaching $417 billion. The company’s stock is set to split 5-for-1 on August 28, 2020 and trade on a split-adjusted basis at the end of the month.

With Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting and highly anticipated Battery Day set for September 22, many expect the stock to keep rising once we hear more about the company’s newest battery technology.

As of writing, shares of Tesla have dipped slightly to $2,243.25 per share, up about 4% for the day.