NIO Infrastructure Job Postings Hit the U.S. for First Time

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker NIO last week posted three job openings in the U.S. for its local replenishment facility, piquing public interest to the possibility of an expansion into the American auto market — reports CnEVPost. “We have had a software development team in San Jose, USA since the inception of our company, and […]

NIO Reportedly Seeking BYD Batteries for Sub-Brand: Report

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker NIO is on the verge of signing a deal with battery giant BYD to supply batteries for the former’s upcoming sub-brand, according to a Thursday report from local media publication 36kr (via CNEVPost). Just a couple months ago, NIO surpassed BYD as the most valuable car brand in China, and the […]

NIO ET5 to Use Die-Casting Like Tesla; Pre-Orders Set Record

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker NIO on Saturday unveiled the sleek-looking ET5, a mid-sized smart electric sedan to rival the Tesla Model 3. According to CnEVPost, NIO is using a new integrated die-casting process for the rear body of the ET5. “We are using an integrated die-casting process for the rear subframe of the ET5,” NIO […]

NIO Unveils ET5 Sedan with Up to 620-Mile Range, to Rival Tesla Model 3

On Saturday, NIO unveiled the sleek-looking ET5, a mid-sized smart electric sedan, at its NIO Day 2021 event in Suzhou, China (via CnEVPost), that looks to take on Tesla’s Model 3. The ET5 is meant to be the entry-level younger sibling to the NIO ET7, the company’s first (and flagship) electric sedan that was unveiled […]

NIO Delivered 10,878 Vehicles in November, Breaking Monthly Record

Just weeks after debuting the NIO ET7 electric sedan, NIO has officially broken a record for the most sales it has achieved in a single month. NIO set a new monthly sales record in November, delivering a total of 10,878 units for a 105.6 percent year-over-year increase, according to a press release. The deliveries show […]

NIO Reaches 678 Total EV Battery Swap Stations in China

After NIO’s announcement of the ET7 sedan debut in Shenzen earlier this month,  NIO has also increased its number of swap stations across China, as it continues to bolster the charging and battery swapping network in the country. NIO has added 10 new swap stations as of Tuesday, bringing its total number of swap stations […]

NIO Pilot Program Lets Owners Share Car Batteries with Others in China

NIO today launched a new “battery sharing” pilot program on its app that allows participants to share their 100-kWh long-range battery packs with others in exchange for compensation in the form of NIO Credits — reports CnEVPost. Currently, NIO is the only EV manufacturer in the Chinese market with a model that includes battery swapping, with […]

NIO Partners with Shell for Battery Swap Stations in China, Europe

NIO and Shell today announced a strategic cooperation agreement to improve the charging experience for electric vehicle (EV) owners around the world, with a particular focus on NIO drivers. The partnership will first bear fruit in China and Europe. Under the terms of the agreement, NIO and Shell will build a network of co-branded battery […]

NIO ET7 to Feature Dolby Atmos and NIO Radio

Not long after NIO’s news that the electric ET7 sedan will debut at Shenzen’s NIO House later this month, the company has shared plans for its premium audio system, including a format that will make audio even more immersive. NIO announced on Tuesday that Dolby Atmos audio will come as a standard in the upcoming […]

NIO ET7 Sedan to Debut at NIO House in Shenzhen on Nov. 19

NIO unveiled the ET7 electric sedan earlier this year, and according to a company official, the electric vehicle (EV) is set to debut in public later this month. NIO General Manager of the Shenzhen/Dongguan regional operation Eric Liu said on Monday that the ET7 will be displayed at the company’s NIO House in Shenzhen on […]

NIO Surpasses BYD as Most Valuable Car Brand in China, Says Hurun Report

Amidst increasing competition in the world’s largest auto market, Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup NIO has continued to increase its sales in the region, recently surpassing another automaker as the most valuable brand. NIO replaced BYD as the most valuable automaker in China, as its brand value rose a whopping 145 percent from last year, […]

NIO Owners Surpass Over 3 Billion Kilometers of Total Driving

On Monday, NIO announced its drivers had reached a total of over 3 billion kilometers (1.86 billion miles) driven by its drivers, according to CNEVPost. The company also said that there were shorter intervals between each billion milestone, saying it took 846 days for drivers to reach the first billion, with 229 between the first […]