NIO ET7 to Feature Dolby Atmos and NIO Radio

Photo: NIO

Not long after NIO’s news that the electric ET7 sedan will debut at Shenzen’s NIO House later this month, the company has shared plans for its premium audio system, including a format that will make audio even more immersive.

NIO announced on Tuesday that Dolby Atmos audio will come as a standard in the upcoming ET7 electric sedan, as well as an exclusive radio for NIO drivers called NIO Radio that’s compatible with Dolby Atmos, according to a press release.

Dolby Atmos offers simulated surround sound for users, and the ET7 offers a Dolby 7.1.4-channel immersive speaker setup that’s compatible with the audio format.

The NIO ET7 will debut on November 19 in Shenzen, after having been announced as the company’s first electric sedan in January. Following the announcement, NIO also saw its shares rise to an all-time high of $66.99, but have since fallen to now sit at $40.74, as of Tuesday trading.

NIO is also planning to challenge Volkswagen and Tesla by entering the auto market in Norway, a country that is largely considered to be the fastest adopter of electric vehicles (EVs).

NIO has continued to grow in China sales alongside the likes of Tesla in September, while luxury gas car sales dropped in the same period of time.