NIO Day 2023 Unveils ET9 Executive Flagship and More

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NIO Day 2023 commenced in Xi’an yesterday, illuminating the city’s skyline and marking the beginning of a new journey for the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer.

The event, set against the backdrop of Xi’an’s historical significance, showcased NIO’s latest advancements in electric vehicle technology and infrastructure.

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The spotlight of NIO Day 2023 was the official reveal of the NIO ET9 Executive Flagship, which has commenced pre-sales in China. The vehicle is priced starting at 0.8 million RMB (approximately $113,000 USD). The ET9 is not just an executive luxury vehicle but also a technological leader, featuring state-of-the-art innovations.

These include a steer-by-wire system, the capability for up to 600kW fast charging (achieving 158 miles of range in just 5 minutes), in-house-developed 46105 cells, NIO’s self-developed 5nm intelligent driving chip, and a substantial length of 209 inches.

Deliveries for the NIO ET9 are expected to start in the first quarter of 2025.

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In terms of design and manufacturing, the NIO ET9 will utilize front and rear integrated die-cast and Magnesium alloy in its body in white. This approach aligns with NIO’s commitment to lightweight and strong materials, as evidenced by their collaboration with Millison, the T1 supplier known for producing the world’s largest castings made with a Magnesium alloy.

These Magnesium Giga Castings are notably 34% lighter than their aluminum counterparts. For context, if the Tesla Model Y’s rear Giga Casting, which weighs 65 kg, were made of magnesium instead of aluminum, it would weigh approximately 43 kg.

The NIO ET9 features a landjet body design and a native 4-seat layout. This smart electric executive flagship is set to redefine luxury and technology in the electric vehicle market.

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A key highlight of the event was the unveiling of the NIO Power Charger 4.0 and PowerSwap Station 4.0, with deployment scheduled to begin in April 2024. NIO plans to expand its network significantly by adding 1,000 Power Swap Stations and 20,000 chargers in 2024. This expansion includes the introduction of a new 640kW fast charger, aimed at enhancing the charging experience for electric vehicle users.