NIO Reaches 678 Total EV Battery Swap Stations in China

After NIO’s announcement of the ET7 sedan debut in Shenzen earlier this month,  NIO has also increased its number of swap stations across China, as it continues to bolster the charging and battery swapping network in the country.

NIO has added 10 new swap stations as of Tuesday, bringing its total number of swap stations up to 678, ahead of the company’s goal to reach 700 by the end of the year, according to CNEVPost.

Eight of NIO’s 10 new swap stations run the length of major highways, marking 143 total highway-side swap station locations.

By Lunar New Year, which begins February 1, NIO hopes to have 169 battery swap stations along highways – and at the current rate of deployment, the company’s likely to reach that goal.

In addition, NIO has officially reached 516 total charging stations, making for a total of 2,940 fast-charging piles across China.

At the end of September, NIO had reached 500 battery swap stations across China, so if the company reaches its goal of 700 by the end of the year, it will have amassed around 200 new swap stations in just under three months.

The company also recently started a pilot program in China to allow NIO owners to share their long range batteries with others.

NIO also announced plans to partner with Shell to bring even more battery swap stations to China, and to Europe down the road.