NIO Surpasses 500 Battery Swap Stations in China, 4 Million Swaps to Date

Photo: NIO (via @42how_)

China-based electric automaker NIO saw revenue increase by 127 percent in the second quarter, and following the news, the company has also reached a major milestone with regards to its battery swap stations.

NIO has surpassed 500 battery swap stations in China, with 504 operational battery swap stations as of Wednesday, according to @42how_.

In addition to the battery swap stations, NIO also has 365 fast-charging stations featuring a total of 2,280 stalls, with 526 destination charging stations including 2,958 stalls.

NIO also launched a 75 kWh hybrid battery pack for its cars, set to begin selling in November and including a combination of ternary lithium and lithium iron phosphate (LFP) in a single battery pack.

Last month, NIO also announced plans to make drivers pass a quiz before being allowed to use its driver assist system, in hopes to prevent drivers from using the technology incorrectly.

The Tesla rival has also been predicted by some analysts to replace Tesla as China’s top electric vehicle (EV) automaker in the years to come, amidst strong sales despite the ongoing semiconductor chip shortage.

NIO also announced plans in May to begin selling its EVs in Norway, competing with Volkswagen and Tesla in what is the world’s quickest country to adopt EVs.